Labor policy

At Transimex, career development and skills are an important factor for success in the future. On the basis of this belief, Transimex is currently implementing programs to help employees maximize their capabilities.

Ideal Working Environment

Transimex constantly nurtures and develops the company's most important asset by maintaining a highly qualified, dedicated, professional staff to meet every challenge in a market economy.

We value our employees by providing them with a solid career, a good working environment that creates a comfortable psychological environment for employees to work in the Company and encourages employees to balance between life and work. In addition, we focus on building teamwork and strengthening relationships among peers through group activities.


Training and Development

We respect and support opened-mind and progressive staffs who desire to increase knowledge. We encourage and open up with new ideas, and share with their passion for success. We always step up the work of human resources development, the development of inherited human resources.

In addition, Transimex improve the quality of human resources through on-the-job training programs, completing recruitment, training, treatment and compensation policies. Simultaneously, we attach the responsibility with benefit in order to bring the highest efficiency in the work.At the same time, we always create favorable conditions for employees to promote creativity, active in their work as well as improve their professional qualifications.

Ensure Labor Safety For All Employees

The health and safety of our staff is a top priority for us. We understand that when the physical and mental health of an employee is guaranteed, performance will be improved. Therefore, Transimex always ensures labor safety at work place.

We also regularly organize safety training programs and instruct employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we periodically carry out health screening programs to ensure the welfare of our employees annually. We understand that while work is an important aspect of an employee's life, their health should be prioritized first.